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Transforming Organizations



The very existence of any organization whether small, medium, large, or considered to be a multi-national corporation must answer these signifcant questions: What is our vision and/or mission?, Why are we in business?, Whom do we serve?, & What service or product solves a human problem? Every organization must honestly appraise it's value to people and communities which it serves. These are tough questions to answer in a current business climate that primarily focuses on workforce productivity, profit margins, cost structures, revenue, innovation, project initiatives, intellectual property, gaining a competitive advantage within it's industry, salaries, and maintaining a sustainable organization in a challenging economy. These are all important components to any organization, but it not must be the driver of change; these are simply the results of change! Transformation must be the driver of change; IT MUST BE THE C.E.O. of every organization!

Transformational organizations are people (externally & internally) centered, purpose driven, solution focused, service oriented, profit savvy, and innovatively positioned to create lasting change. The challenge in doing business or being an entrepreneur in the 21st century is being able to be resolute and steadfast in an economic climate that appears to promote profit instead of partnering with its consumers to create lasting change in and around its communities.

Being a successful Entrepreneur & working as a sought after IT professional in Fortune 10 to Fortune 500 companies has provided Eliakim what he believes to be a blueprint for creating thriving organizations during challenging economic times.

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