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A fierce competitor with a moral compass, Eliakim is proof positive that you can still win in any pressure cooker environment and still retain your personal integrity. After a nearly 20-year stellar career in top US companies, he walked away and built from scratch a business empire that has generated millions of dollars in revenue. He now takes his competitive spirit and helps other leaders turn values into currency that can up-level engagement and execution when the stakes are high.

BACKGROUND: Eliakim has always worked with a multi-disciplinary mindset within the arena's of entrepreneurship, business, speaking, technology, and professional services. Eliakim has worked for multi-national, multi-billion dollar organizations where he served as a cross-functional leader working with global teams on high-impact projects. For nearly 20 years his career included working with and for Fortune 10 to Fortune 100 companies such as IBM, Whirlpool, Grainger, Chrysler, Pfizer, & General Motors. His contribution includes being a former Sr. Network Engineer and cross-functional leader responsible for building and implementing systems for global organizations where competitive pressure to perform ruled. He was the typical fast-tracked leader who leaped over other competitors until he encountered a crossroads (was unwilling to to become something he wasn't for the sake of climbing the corporate ladder) and walked away. He stepped out by faith to forge his own destiny leveraging the lessons of corporate America. Because of his experience at building systems, he's known as someone who's a master at making something out of nothing.

CURRENT PROJECTS: Eliakim has turned over the operations of his businesses to a capable team so he can focus on what he does best: creating checks and balance systems that help emerging leaders and organizations implement a culture that integrates values for greater profitability. He believes that you get what you incentivize-People will give you their all when leaders don't give in to temptation. 

PERSONAL SIDE: Eliakim who was born and raised in Los Angeles California, currently resides in the Midwest. He along with his Co-founder oversee Let's Talk About It C.M.H.S. Inc. & ACTS II Ministry For Teens which are organizations in the child welfare industry providing a full spectrum of services to teenage youth in the foster care system. Eliakim loves traveling, walking on the beach, going on spiritual retreats, reading, studying world religion, playing basketball, and more importantly, spending time with his family. 

If only I could be less: Hooked on all things ESPN

Can't live without: Beaches & Books

My biggest pet peeve: Slow drivers (I know, I know, I am an aggressive driver!!)

I never grow tired of: Vacations

Music I can't get enough of:

1970's R&B & Soul (by far the best music of any era LOL!)

Old School Hip Hop (1980's - 1990's)

The Secret Garden by Quincy Jones (oh yeah, I am a lover and not a fighter LOL!)

Can You Stand the Rain by New Edition

Marvin Gaye

Currently listening to:

Marsha Ambrosius

Jill Scott

Various Christian bands and Gospel music groups

Pop & Rock




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