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Eliakim Thorpe, Creator of the T.H.R.I.V.I.N.G. Organization.
In pressure cooker environments, temptation to do "whatever it takes" gets magnified.

People make decisions that they wouldn't ordinarily make:

  • Do these choices demonstrate your mission and values or do they create a conflict that sends an "anything goes" message?
  • Does that conflict show up in uneven engagement, execution, or when recruiting the best talent?
When you incentivize best choices in pressure cooker environments; engagement, execution, and recruitment increase.

Benefits and Business Case:


Eliakim integrates your values and mission into every interaction so your organization can: 


Increase Engagement


Make Your Values Come Alive


Consistently Attract & Recruit the Best Talent



Strategically Execute Organizational Goals, Objectives, & Initiatives




A fierce competitor with a moral compass, Eliakim has worked on the front lines of winner-take-all environments for nearly 20 years. Using his values as a strategic advantage, he has successfully navigated the competitive terrain of global companies and built a business empire generating multi-million dollar revenue.


A sought-after thought-leader, Eliakim contributes counter-intuitive insights, quotes, and content about what really happens in pressure cooker environments. Eliakim has been seen on and featured in a number of print and digital media publications e.g. Yahoo! Finance, ABC, NBC, FOX, & more outlets.


Eliakim is all about the impact of how day-to-day decisions impact an overall system and environment. He provides customized solutions for leaders and organizations who want to integrate values and mission for next level engagement, execution, and performance in competitive workplace environments. 


"Eliakim is a creator, innovator & as a "thought leader" speaking on topics that seek to motivate and encourage us all to be the best possible versions of who we are. A well known spiritual teacher who does a tremendous outreach within communities that are often forgotten other than during the holiday season. Eliakim truly walks the walk! Get to know him."

- Lydia Belton-Dr. Tranquility, C.E.O. DrTranquility.com & Founder Date Therapy

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Eliakim Thorpe for four years. During the years of our acquaintance I have known him as the chairperson of the Great Start Collaborative. He served in this capacity as a committed, insightful leader and advisor. He was respected and admired by our board, committees and community partners. He operated as an inspiring, forward thinking and motivational leader."

- Jacque Eatmon, Kalamazoo County Great Start Collaborative, Great Start Collaborative Coordinator

"We would like to personally thank you for participating in the panel discussion 'Trigger, the Ripple Effect of Gun Violence''...We appreciate the time you spent preparing and participating in this event. Our session was well received by the audience. We received amazing positive feedback on all aspects of the event, but especially your remarks. I am in awe of your ability to synthesize such a wide body of knowledge and experience into a talk delivered off-the-cuff, but even more so at your ability to inspire and motivate people."

- Minister Curtis and Pamela Robinson, Life Resource Ministry, Galilee Baptist Church

 "Eliakim Thorpe is a thought leader who blends high-level strategy, practical application and spirituality to lead people to expand and grow in their businesses, communities, and personal lives. He creates systems of thought that simplify what could be complex processes , creating clear roadmaps to meaningful change."

- Lisa Elia, Media Trainer, Presentation Trainer and Founder of Expert Media Training

 "Eliakim Thorpe is truly a thought leader in the area of leadership, especially when it comes to looking beyond the bottom line in your business and bringing a visionary mindset to work. His expertise is applicable to so many corporations and associations, I'm sure he could bring a benefit to yours!"

- The Team at PR/PR Public Relations

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