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The Secrets to Organizational Success

Blueprint to Becoming the Best Boss

The blueprint of a great leader who knows how to manage differences and harness diversity.
Managing people and cultivating relationships in the work environment is one of the most important attributes that entrepreneurs, managers, bosses, and leaders should have if they seek to maximize the potential of their workforce. In order to be a better boss or leader, leaders must learn to leverage vertical relational hierarchies and seek to develop authentic horizontal relationships with their workforce. Relational leaders or bosses seek to foster trust, mutual respect, collaboration, teamwork, embrace diversity (social, political, educational, cultural, moral, spiritual, geographical, and racial), and transparency to create a culture that permeates throughout the entire organization. Additionally,the leader doesn't only have a relationship with its industry, but also with its customer and community! It is a boss that doesn't lead by intimidation but by motivation. A boss who seeks to become a better leader knows how to MANAGE DIFFERENCES & HARNESS DIVERSITY!
Bosses who desire to be better leaders do these 3 things:
Listen Actively: Leaders practice active listening. People respond to leaders who truly listen to what they have to say.
Love Unconditionally: Unconditional love may be the most important attribute that a leader or boss can exhibit. Leaders who understand this attribute know that it is the catalyst for future success, and harmony between managers and subordinates.
Lead Passionately: Bosses who desire to be better leaders create enthusiasm, excitement, and energy. They understand that passion is the momentum needed when an organization is experiencing inertia. The leader is aware that passion is the currency by which every organization must cultivate to achieve: long-term success, productive employees, engaged employees, and a committed workforce.
Do you manage people? If so, what do you believe is the blueprint to effectively manage and harness your workforce?
Do you have a success story managing people that have produced results? What were the keys to your success as a manager of people?

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